Artificial intelligence for everyone

Artificial intelligence for everyone


Jiří Materna


No prior knowledge is required.


The aim of this course is to introduce the general public to the basics of artificial intelligence. No knowledge of programming or other technical disciplines is required to understand the course. In a gentle way, we will explain what concepts such as artificial intelligence, machine learning or deep learning mean. We will go through the most important historical milestones of artificial intelligence and highlight the areas of artificial intelligence that are most important. We will also look at where AI is impacting our lives, what benefits it brings and what risks it poses. Finally, we will briefly discuss the philosophy and ethics of AI. After completing the course, participants will gain a basic overview and insight into the subject.


  • What is and what is not artificial intelligence
  • Narrow and general artificial intelligence
  • The taks of artificial intelligence and examples of its applications in different fields
  • History of artificial intelligence
  • An introduction to machine learning (supervised machine learning, unsupervised machine learning and reinforecement learning)
  • Selected applications of machine learning
  • Philosophy of artificial intelligence (Turing test and the Chinese Room argument, Moore’s law, safety and fairness of artificial intelligence)
  • Ethics of artificial intelligence